Information and recommendations of restaurants, shops, etc. come only from our knowledge and your impressions. If you find something new, please report it, thanks.  Reported in order of proximity by La Palazzina!


panificio angela

Via Garibaldi 12, Castelnuovo Potato bread, focaccia, savory and sweet cakes.

l'arte del pane
 Via Azzi 57, Castelnuovo   Potato bread, focaccia, savory and sweet cakes.
All cooked in a wood oven !

Butchers - Salami - Dairy

Macelleria Angelini Luigi

Via S.Giovanni 34, Pieve Fosciana tel. 0583 666101  Fresh meats, typical sausage, biroldo .


Via Nazionale 42, Pieve Fosciana.  Grande qualità, garantita dalla macellazione di carni loali bovine , ovine e suine con lavorazioni  

caseificio bertagni - dairy

Loc. Pantaline 9, Pieve Fosciana Tel 0583 62723  Since 1970, the Bertagni Dairy has been transforming the milk collected directly in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and Garfagnana areas into high quality traditional cheeses.   

caseificio marovelli - dairy

Via Orecchiella 1, loc. Vibbiana. San Romano in Garfagnana  Tel.  328 2933504   Company that transforms High Quality milk into cheese and then matures it, refines it and combines it with artisanal food and wine.    

Farms with direct sales

Soc.agricola f.lli filippi

Via del Voltone 22, Pieve Fosciana Tel. 329 3336094 

Breeding of brown cows. Distributor of raw milk and farm products h.24, direct sale of cheeses, ricotta and mozzarella. Sale of farro, potatoes and "corn 8 file" of Garfagnana.

az. agricola rocchiccioli emiliana

Loc. Novicchia 174, Castelnuovo Tel.  347 2773905  

Eggs from free-range hens, seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh cheeses, jams and vegetables in oil, various types of dried beans, wood-fired bread.

az. agricola il metatino

Loc. Metatino - strada per Monteperpoli, Castelnuovo

Goat cheese and ricotta.

la farina del pallera

Loc. Collettino,8 - Sillico Tel.  389 5114975

The chestnuts are dried for 40/45 days in the "metati" heated over low heat. Slow manual processing that has been repeated for centuries as an ancient tradition. The "neccio" flour is stone ground.

cantina bravi

Strada Provinciale San Romano Camporgiano,  Camporgiano Tel.  340 6629325

Cantina Bravi is a small family-run business located in Garfagnana that produces red, white and sparkling wines.

maesta' della formica

Via Taccino 9, Careggine Tel. 349 6921806

Production of wines, including Riesling, and other wines from old vineyards in Garfagnana. Fruit compotes, syrups, pickles.

cantina podere concori

Loc. Còncori 1, Fiattone ,Gallicano Tel.  0583 766374  

Podere Còncori produces red and white wines.

cantina az. agricola i cedri

Loc. Villa 1, Albiano, Barga Tel.  3482249305

Tenuta Mordini produces organic wine Syrah, Pinot Noir and Merlot.

Associations of agricultural producers

associazione produttori filiera garfagnina

Via Marconi 14, Castelnuovo Tel. 335 5708764

Shop; We take care of the territory, its culture, peasant traditions, economic and tourist promotion of the Garfagnana.


Via San Giovanni, Pieve Fosciana Tel.  328 091 8115  

Apigarfagnana is an association of beekeepers that promotes the development of beekeeping in Garfagnana

garfagnana coop

Loc. Staiolo, San Romano in Garfagnana Tel.  0583 613154

Shop; passion for our land, love for nature and respect for the traditions of our mountains. GARFAGNANA COOP, the typical products of Garfagnana

Wine shop, typical products and delicatessen

Alimentari venanzi roberta - catering

Via Garibaldi 32d, Castelnuovo Tel. 0583 62546 

Traditional food shop, fresh artisan products, delicatessen.

enoteca la bottega del fattore

Via Azzi 1, Castelnuovo Tel.  0583 62179  

Wine shop and sale of gastronomic and agri-food products from Garfagnana. 

 enoteca vecchio mulino

Via Vittorio Emanuele 12, Castelnuovo Tel.  0583 62192  

Wine, olive oil shop and sale of gastronomic and agri-food products from Garfagnana, delicatessen.

l'aia di piero

Via Roma 20, Castelnuovo Tel. 0583 62519 

Shop of gastronomic and agri-food products from Garfagnana, delicatessen.

pozzo di bacco enoteca

Via Dini 6, Castelnuovo Tel. 0583 62361

Wine, olive oil shop and sale of gastronomic and agri-food products from Garfagnana.

Poli Roberto prodotti tipici

Via Dini 6a, Castelnuovo Tel. 0583 65072

Wine, olive oil shop and sale of gastronomic and agri-food products from Garfagnana.

il desco garfagnino

Via Nazionale 32 - Pieve Fosciana Tel. 329 4675817  

Locanda with typical  gastronomy ofGarfagnana. You can enjoy a snack or typical and authentic dishes, soups, fried and more ...
sapori di un tempo della garfagnana

Via della Stazione, Camporgiano Tel.  347 1887152

It produces 100% natural nectars and jams of blueberries, berries and apples using the traditional method.

la sorgente di san pellegrino in alpe

Via Santuario 10, San Pellegrino in Alpe Tel.  0583 649074

Shop with fresh products such as porcini mushrooms, blueberries, raspberries and many other products of the undergrowth. Artisanal biscuits, cakes and focaccia.