House rules

Dear guests, thank you for choosing the Agriturismo La Palazzina and the Garfagnana to spend your holidays. We know how much it is
It is important for you to be independent and to find everything quickly what you need, that's why we thought we'd collect in
this document the most important information. We are always at your disposal in case of doubts!
Practical Rules  
of hygiene and guidelines: in compliance with the provisions of the rules of the Tuscany Region, expecially in these periods. In the apartment you will find a pack of disinfectant gel.
Parking: in the 
near the apartments you will find the parking signs. Do not park in the space with the fence where there usually is a camper (is reserved). In warm seasons you can park under the trees in the lawn near the church, you will always find shade for your car ( being slightly uphill, avoid parking in the meadows when it is raining. 
WI-Fi: Not forget to use the Wi-Fi, it's free and available in the common lounge !
the accesses: network Wi Fi: Vodafone guest Password palazzina
To close the doors: to open and lock the doors (from the outside and inside) you have to pull the handle up and then turn the key. It is an energy saving method!
Waste: Unfortunately, the collection is undifferentiated, in the hamlets the entrusted company does not separate it as in the rest of the Garfagnana. On our private dirt road you will find two large green containers where you can deposit your waste bags; do not forget them in the car, in Castelnuovo and in the valley you will not find containers because we have been door-to-door for years. It's a shame and if you feel like it, report the disservice to the tourist information office !!
Our telephone contacts:  Stefano:+39 328 9077578         Federica: +39 349 5698780        Orlando: +39 328 5649145
Information on check in (h. 15.00 - 19.00) and check out (before h. 09.30)
Except special needs of our guests, the delivery of the rooms isscheduled between 15:00 and 19:00, however, please communicate the estimated time of arrival at least in the morning of the day of the arrival itself.
At check in time, the documents of valid identity (passport or identity card), necessary for the registrations required by current legislation. There non-compliance with this obligation constitutes a violation of the rules of Criminal Code and authorizes us to ask for the immediate abandonment of the farmhouse.
Do not it is also allowed (if not after verbal authorization), for reasons of public safety, guests to let others access people inside the farmhouse at any time. Do not minors accompanied by adults are allowed in the structure without ties of kinship. Yes remember that rooms must be left on the day of departure free by 09.30 to allow cleaning and delivery to new arrivals, a delay will result in the charge of an additional night.
In case of loss or breakage of the keys, the payment of a penalty of 100 euros for changing the patch.
Balance payment: The balance is paid at the time of check in including mandatory tourist taxes. Exceptionally, the balance can be made no later than h. 15.00 the day before check out. Payment methods accepted on balance: Cash up to € 999.99 Credit cards, Bancomat, Bank transfer any amount. N.B. : payments with bank transfers only 5 days. before check-out. Checks of any kind are not accepted.
At the daily rate for your room will be added, obligatorily, the amount of the tourist tax of the Union of Municipalities of the Garfagnana equivalent to the amount of € 1.00 per night per person (except for minors up to the age of fourteen, disabled people with a carer, for reasons of work, study, and
other cases). The tourist tax must be paid for each overnight stay, up to a maximum of 5 consecutive nights. From 1 October to 30 April the amount of which above is reduced by 50%. Helps us to find maps, brochures and tourist services, thanks!
Rules and useful tips for the apartment: Each guest is given the keys to the apartment to be able to freely go out and re-enter the structure without time, and the keys to the room common for wi fi, washing machine and spare parts for the home. After h. 21 the last one to leave the common room is requested to lock it.  You please be quiet from 10 in the evening to 7 in the morning in respect for the neighborhood. It is forbidden to organize parties, if not authorized.
 It is strongly not recommended to smoke inside the apartments, even if by law it is allowed (it is an act of respect towards you, your family and towards the guests who will arrive after you). Smoke in the garden but remember that smoking is forbidden in the common room; the ash trays are outside the room.
The external lights go off at 11 pm, you have an external light that comes on from inside your apartment, switch near the entrance door.
The linen
,  towels and table cloth are changed every 7 days and at each change customer.
 On request you can have the daily change of towels paying a supplement of € 3 per person / change and sheets with a supplement of € 5 per person / change.  Free and on request it is possible to add (if available) 1 hair dryer, 1 cot and 1 high chair for children up to 0/3 years.
 Under the kitchen sink, in addition to garbage bags, flat and floor soaps, sponges, you will find the yellow gas tap, we recommend that you close it when it is not in use. In the kitchen drawer you will find a lighter to light the stove, the piezoelectric is disconnected for safety. The electrical panel and circuit breaker are near the entrance door. The fire extinguishers are duly marked outside. Please do not touch any electronic equipment such as boilers etc. In the event of a malfunction, call us and we will do our best to restore it.
Inside the apartment you will find everything you need: blankets, pillows, towels, cooking and personal hygiene products, etc. For any other needs do not hesitate to ask, we will do our best to satisfy you.

Swimming pool At the entrance to the swimming pool there is a sign in Italian and English with the rules to be respected.